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Leading the way in Endo - COLTENE offers the “Endo Guide” as orientation in the labyrinth of endodontics

Under the motto “practice-oriented, innovative, leading the way”, the international dental specialist COLTENE presented itself as the so-called “Endo Guide” for the first time last autumn. At the Congress of the European Society of Endodontology (ESE) in Budapest, the innovation leader showed how endo professionals can benefit from the company's extensive range of products and services - and how it helps practice teams find their way through the labyrinth of endodontics.

Your Endo Guide – What does that mean in practical terms?

With its comprehensive workflow system, COLTENE has always offered practice-oriented solutions for efficient root canal treatment: the state-of-the-art endo portfolio fully covers all five treatment steps from infection control to preparation, irrigation and drying, through to obturation and restoration. For example, the range includes extremely fracture-resistant, flexible NiTi files as well as a colour-coded irrigation solution system and reliable sealers based on gutta percha. The perfectly matched instruments and materials ensure high reliability and reproducibility in treatment. This is particularly important in endodontics in which the field of vision may be restricted and anatomical structures are complex. In terms of production and development, COLTENE cooperates with leading universities as well as specialist and general practices to be able to offer tailor-made solutions of the best quality. In this vein, COLTENE confidently presents its full range of products and services for efficient, state-of-the-art patient care under the heading “Your Endo Guide”.

With experienced consultants, products that are easy and intuitive to use, as well as accompanying training and continuing education opportunities, the group of companies aims to support both general dentists as well as endo-specialists.

More milestones are planned

After the kick-off of the Endo Guide initiative, COLTENE is excited to present the next round of innovations at IDS 2023 in Cologne, Germany. Current information on the comprehensive product portfolio and the international training programmes can already be accessed now at Upgrade your Dentistry | Your ENDO Guide (coltene.group). There, a personal COLTENE “ENDO bot” awaits website visitors, which accompanies them on their individual “ENDO journey” on their favourite topic. An overview of all currently available dates for workshops and further education courses at the Dental Management Academy can be found at events.coltene.com. For questions by e-mail (service@coltene.com), the Endo Guides would be pleased to help you at all times. And last not least, numerous case studies and discussions on the actual use of the dental materials and working aids are featured on the COLTENE social media channels - always practice-oriented, innovative and leading the way.