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Well trained - The COLTENE Dental Management Academy again increases its activities through face-to-face events

Never stop learning! Further education is important for everyone who wishes to enhance their professional expertise and personality. This view is also shared by international dental specialist COLTENE: after expanding digital further education offers during the pandemic-related restrictions on live coaching during the past two years, the company's own Dental Management Academy (DMA) is now offering more face-to-face events again.

Comprehensive range of further education

The Dental Management Academy develops, organises and supervises all events and offers of COLTENE's advanced educational programme worldwide. These include global summits of dentists, researchers and dental experts as well as webinars, practice-oriented on-site training or regional information events of all kinds. Interested individuals can learn everything they need to know for their everyday practice, from restorative dentistry to endodontics, ranging from minimally invasive restorations in the aesthetic zone to safe and easy automated preparation of a root canal – the range of topics is extensive. For those wishing to learn about the optimal use of the fully automatic Jeni Endomotor with pre-programmed HyFlex, MicroMega and Remover filing systems or the ideal use of high-performance composites of the BRILLIANT product family, DMA workshops are the perfect choice.

Even for self-explanatory products such as a colour-coded irrigation solution system or the virtually "autonomous" endomotor, inventor Prof. Dr. Eugenio "Jeni" Pedullà always has new insider tips in store for dentists. The Endodontics Department, in particular, is constantly expanding its range of training courses, since it has become evident that a growing number of general dentists are increasingly enthusiastic about the supreme discipline of tooth preservation thanks to the availability of intuitive working aids.

Verified, professional cutting-edge topic content

The training of the respective speakers per se, who are all proven experts in their respective fields of specialisation, is also subject to the strict quality management of the DMA. The number of lecturers who have passed through the COLTENE educational spectrum with its multi-level training programme is increasing steadily. This large community of teachers and lecturers regularly exchanges information about the latest trends and research results in the dental world. Using the global COLTENE network, seminar leaders and speakers have access to a wide range of current publications and studies at all times. As a result, all COLTENE training content is carefully checked and professionally prepared.

Based on past Academy events, both online and on-site at the company headquarters in Altstätten, Switzerland, Dirk Sommerfeld, Education Manager at COLTENE, expressed optimism about the development of the DMA: "Feedback from all participants has been extremely positive to date and encourages us to continue developing this programme with even more commitment and speed. So things remain exciting and we look forward to expanding the programme further and welcoming new participants". In addition to the internationally recognised training topics and the entertaining social programme, Sommerfeld regards networking with 45 globally recognised speakers from 18 countries as being an important point: "Some speakers have heard or read about each other and appreciate each other, but have never yet met in person. And this is precisely the framework we wish to offer with the COLTENE Dental Management Academy".

Book early

For an overview of all currently available dates for workshops and further education please visit events.coltene.com. In addition, the COLTENE team of experts will be pleased to help you with any questions you may have by e-mail (service@coltene.com). Furthermore, numerous case studies and discussions on the actual use of the dental materials and working aids are featured on the COLTENE social media channels.