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Clever move: Efficient dental dam placement - the new printed Black Edition from COLTENE

In the same way that every move in chess is planned with foresight and strategy, it is just as advisable in dentistry to set up the approach correctly right from the start to reach the objective efficiently in only a few steps. In this context, the use of a dental dams plays an important role in the treatment protocol.

COLTENE is launching a black dental dam with a printed tooth template for marking holes. This saves marking by hand and lets dentists achieve their objective one step faster. The black colour of the dental dam provides the ultimate contrast for the working field and is therefore ideally suited for taking photographs during diagnosis and documentation.

Powder-free, low-protein latex dam

With a powder-free latex quality, international dental specialist COLTENE further optimises its globally popular range of dental dams. HySolate Latex Dental Dam is made of pure natural rubber latex, is powder-free and low in protein. This greatly lowers the burden with allergenic proteins and reduces the risk of developing a latex allergy. Furthermore, the latex dental dam impresses with its customary high resistance, tear strength and varied selection of retraction thicknesses to suit the treatment situation.

The new HySolate dental dam variants are available in a variety of colours, sizes, thicknesses and in the Fiesta variant with flavour in well-stocked  dental retailers.

Thinking two moves ahead

“Our mission is to make the use of dental dams as simple and safe as possible”, says Gabriele Burkhardt, Head of Product Segment Treatment Auxiliaries at COLTENE. “Reducing the number of work steps by using pre-existing markings is one of the many clever ideas that we have passed straight from dental practice to our research and development department. Quite literally, one can see the advantage in black and white; here we have anticipated at least two moves.”

The practical product range is complemented by corresponding training material and the online further education modules of the COLTENE Dental Management Academy. This way, the international innovation leader is permanently dedicated to more efficient and safer dentistry. In case of specific questions, the team of experts will be pleased to help you by e-mail (service@coltene.com). Furthermore, numerous case studies and discussions on the actual use of the dental materials and working aids are featured on the COLTENE social media channels.