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Endo innovation live - COLTENE impresses with Endomotor Jeni and intensive networking at the DGET conference in Berlin

Experiencing an innovation is one thing, but trying it out, in person, with its inventor is quite something else. At this year's DGET annual meeting in Berlin, international dental specialist, COLTENE, provided just such a special experience. Italian endo expert Prof. Dr. Eugenio Pedullà, the inventor of the CanalPro Jeni endomotor, personally demonstrated fully automated navigation through the root canal.

Specialists and generalists united

For three days at the end of November, the topic of tooth preservation was the focus of the 10th anniversary congress of the DGET. Lively attendance at the COLTENE booth clearly underlined that the dental specialist had hit the bulls-eye, with its combination of product innovations and intensive networking. "We were extremely pleased by the high level of interest shown by visitors and the consistently positive feedback. “The high level of response not only provided for interesting discussions, but also finally gave us as manufacturers the opportunity to meet specialized dentists in person again - one could hardly wish for better networking", concluded Dr.  Barbara Müller. This year the COLTENE endo team offered and assigned personal appointments for in-depth discussions, for the first time, to be able to respond, individually, to questions and requests from dental practice.

Live: Autonomous "navigation" in the endo canal

In addition to the intensive exchange at the exhibition stand, the workshop by Prof. Dr. Eugenio Pedullà on the new, digital endo navigation system CanalPro Jeni, made for a congress highlight. The Italian endo authority invented the endo motor, which is why it was named after his nickname "Jeni". The endo assistant automatically finds its path through the root canal, thus working in unison with the mechanical and chemical preparation every step of the way. Via touch screen, the Jeni connects directly to the selected NiTi file system, such as the HyFlex EDM or CM or the MicroMega One Curve or 2Shape files.

Prof. Dr. Pedullà not only imparted a great deal of know-how during the course, but also very clearly demonstrated what autonomous "navigation" in the endo canal with the CanalPro Jeni means: the dentist works steadily forward, from coronal to apical, applying slight pressure, while the motor autonomously decides on the sequence of movements of the file. Based on complex algorithms, the software can control the variable file movements at millisecond intervals, by constantly regulating rotational direction, speed and torque to the prevailing conditions in the root canal. This makes the treatment even safer and therefore more comfortable.

"It was really a pleasure to see with how much fun the participants of the workshop had when trying out this new way of preparation. We were able to demonstrate how the Jeni can be used for efficient preparation, not only in specialized practices, but also by generalists with an affinity for endodontics", added Prof. Dr. Pedullà.

Personal service

Those who were not able to attend the DGET congress live, can view how the endomotor works in an informative short film on COLTENE's YouTube channel at https://youtu.be/Qw3uc3hSTkg. At  CanalPro Jeni - Digital assistance system for canal preparation (coltene.com) interested dental practices can also find more information about the CanalPro Jeni and register for a personal demonstration appointment.

One dental practice can also look forward to an early Christmas present: COLTENE raffled off a CanalPro™ Jeni at the DGET annual meeting - the winner has already been announced.