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The new dual-curing bulk composite

Worldwide, dental practitioners are convinced of this innovative, efficient latest generation bulk composite. Overwhelming feedback since its launch only few month ago shows how great the demand has been for a solution like Fill-Up! This is COLTENE's response to the disadvantages inherent to light-curing treatment methods and has resurrected the discussion on bulk filling materials.

Light-curing bulk filling materials are restricted to 4-5 mm curing depth and often require a separate composite covering layer. Studies have shown that many dentists are unsure whether conventional bulk filling cures all the way to the base of the cavity. Now a reliable solution is available. The new dual-curing Fill-Up! bulk composite allows filling quickly at any layer thickness and without reservations.

Guaranteed and fast curing - even with the deepest cavities

No matter which filling depth is required, the light and chemical polymerisation properties of Fill-Up! reliably cure any filling size. In addition, the shrinkage forces are considerably less pronounced for chemical polymerisation, which supports the quality of marginal integrity.

Even the largest cavities can be filled with the Fill-Up! single-layer technique quickly and easily, making it a true bulk fill material. Following the application of Fill-Up! completion of the filling is possible immediately as light-curing only requires 5 seconds. The excellent mechanical properties make a covering layer superfluous. Due to the high self-blending of the material, a single universal shade (Vita A2-A3) is sufficient for the posterior region. Presentation in the practical automix-syringe makes application easy and efficient.

Two, working in perfect harmony

Fill-Up! and the multiple award-winning ParaBond adhesive system are matched perfectly. ParaBond accelerates polymerisation at the margins and thus improves the marginal integrity of the filling. Study results from the University Geneva confirm best marginal sealing values. This helps to avoid secondary caries and lays the foundation for a reliable long-term restoration.

The universal composite Fill-Up! is comes in the useful 4,5g automix-syringe. Due to the purpose-built color, between A2 and A3, there is no need for complicated color-management within the posterior region.

Come to the COLTENE IDS booth and convince yourself of the extraordinary quality and comfortable handling of Fill-Up! Discover the innovative filling materials in Hall 10.2, Gangway R/S, Stand 10/19!