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Hitting the big screen - 1st COLTENE CinePosium presents European dental stars

Depending on the size of the screen and your Internet connection, following online seminars in a team, on your own computer can sometimes be extremely tedious. In November, COLTENE is therefore celebrating the premiere of a very special format: an exciting mix of technical presentations on a stage near you, with international live circuits and networking events that will conquer the big screen. Leaving you to decide whether you want to be there live in the cinema or experience the symposium online.

The blockbuster among the training courses

At the European CinePosium, the internationally leading dental specialist COLTENE will present seminar content in a completely new dimension for the first time. On Tuesday, November 17, 2020, top-class specialists from the fields of endodontics and restorative dentistry will welcome interested cinema and online participants live from Athens, Berlin, Milan and Warsaw to the CinePosium.

An informative and entertaining afternoon with international stars of the dental industry awaits you. Running from 12 noon – 7pm, the kick-off will be moderated by Prof. Dr. Ivo Krejci in Milan, while the other cities and online participants will be connected live. Endodontic experts such as Prof. Dr. Eugenio Pedullà, Dr. Walid Nehme and Dr. Antonis Chaniotis will give lectures from their respective movie theaters. The second part of the symposium will feature lectures on the future of restorative dentistry by Dr. Mile Churlinov from Warsaw and Dr. Jürgen Wahlmann from Berlin.

Between the presentations, the speakers will meet for a virtual "round table" to discuss live questions from the audience as well as questions from our online participants. In this way, members of the inexorably growing, global COLTENE Community will experience an exciting exchange of blows beyond any national or departmental boundaries under the motto "From Root to Crown". To add to the event, typical cinema snacks, as well as small regional delicacies will be provided for the physical during the networking on the red carpet.

Interested dentists and practice teams can now register online for an exclusive visit to one of the four major European cities. Those who cannot get hold of one of the strictly limited tickets, will have the opportunity to follow the presentations and Q & A sessions from home in via live streaming whilst still being able to post their personal questions to the dental VIPs in the chat area. This autumn, not only James Bond, but also the topic of bonding is expected to be a hot topic internationally.  

Further information and registration for Berlin & Co. or Digital Viewing is now available at: www.coltene-cineposium.de

A fresh approach to dental coaching

The dental company from Altstätten has long been known among industry experts for its diverse, efficient live and e-learning offerings. Independent of the CinePosium, the COLTENE team of experts is available to dentists, dental technicians and practice staff at all times to provide advice and practical support. At 07345 805-670 or sales.de@coltene.com, employees will answer questions on the specific use of the specially developed filling materials and working aids or provide support for optimal application. At www.coltene.com or one of the Social Media channels, practices can also find out about current developments in the most important disciplines of dentistry. 

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