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Made for each other for an excellent fit: HyFlex system offers ideally matched paper and gutta-percha points

For more than a century, dentists have relied on the high quality of the ROEKO brand. Swiss dental specialist COLTENE will soon be combining its proven nickel-titanium files with perfectly matched paper and gutta-percha points under the successful HyFlex system. Standardised working lengths and conicities thus ensure the success of endodontic treatment and at the same time ensure smooth procedures in dental practice.


HyFlex paper points – absorbent under all circumstances 

After preparing the root canal with NiTi files such as the HyFlex CM or HyFlex EDM, the root canal is dried using paper points and then obturated with gutta-percha points. With the HyFlex system, COLTENE will soon be offering the perfect triad for safe endodontic treatment. HyFlex paper points have the optimum conicity to effectively dry channels that have been prepared beforehand with HyFlex rotary instruments. The absence of adhesives in the production process also ensures that the paper points are reliably absorbent throughout.


HyFlex gutta-percha points – stable and flexible at the same time 

The gutta-percha points in the corresponding sizes can then be effortlessly inserted into the canal in combination with the corresponding sealer: in spite of their high stability, they adapt flexibly to even the most pronounced curves without breaking – just like the flexible files from COLTENE. The processing of the temperature-sensitive raw material under constant conditions ensures that the points do not become brittle and porous later on. With ISO sizes of over 28 mm, they can easily be inserted up to working length for precise obturation. All HyFlex paper and gutta-percha points will in future be available from the dental trade as single sizes or in special assortments for the HyFlex CM or EDM series, e.g. HyFlex EDM 20/.05 to 60/.02.


For better identification of the sizes, the paper and gutta-percha points are clearly marked with the standard ISO colour coding on their upper part. Furthermore, the user-friendly sliding boxes developed by COLTENE can be opened conveniently with one hand. All in all, the HyFlex products impress with their customary high quality: instead of the comparatively inaccurate random sample inspection by hand, each individual gutta-percha point is measured fully automatically. Due to the sophisticated manufacturing process, the HyFlex system offers both beginners and experts reliable, durable solutions for all types of endodontic cases.


Matching answers

COLTENE will be happy to assist its customers with any further questions regarding the use of HyFlex files with a reduced number of files, the ideal sequence of sizes or special application details. The Customer Centre at 07345 805-670 provides the right answers and a wealth of information material. True to the company's adopted motto "Upgrade Dentistry", the innovation leader COLTENE has always offered dentists and dental technicians a plus in service, quality and flexibility.