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New file for reciprocating preparation - COLTENE launches MicroMega One RECI

At the funfair, some love the ups and downs on the roller coaster, others love going round in circles on the carousel. Mechanical root canal preparation follows a similar pattern of motion: dentists can choose between reciprocating and continuously rotating systems. For fans of preparation using reciprocating motion, dental specialist COLTENE now features a new file in its range.

For all situations

Since the introduction of the first reciprocating file over a decade ago, reciprocating motion has become established among many dentists. COLTENE is now expanding its portfolio by adding to its proven NiTi rotary systems: MicroMega One RECI, the single shaping file in reciprocating motion. This enables dentists to choose their favorite file system from COLTENE, regardless of which type of motion they prefer to use.

Safe, flexible and minimally invasive

Inspired from its patented cross section, MicroMega One RECI is characterised by its cutting performance. Additionally, the C.Wire heat treatment gives to the file, its flexibility, its controlled memory, its pre-bendability and curvature conservation.

Owing to the small file diameter of 1 mm, MicroMega One RECI protects the peri-cervical area and minimises mechanical impact on the dental hard tissues. Its high cyclic fatigue resistance provides additional safety. As a result, dentists can enjoy an excellent compromise between cutting efficiency and safety, as well as flexibility and minimally invasive use in root canal treatment.

These advantages are also convincing in practice, as the French endo specialist Dr Davide Mancino points out: "What impressed me most about the One RECI, is its extreme respect of the root canal anatomy  and its resistance to fracture. In my opinion, the One RECI is the safest, most powerful and minimally invasive, reciprocating single-file system on the market today." And due to the system's spectrum, optimal preparation of the root canal is possible for almost any clinical case. MicroMega One RECI is available in five sizes from 20/.04 to 45/.04 and three lengths (21, 25, 31 mm) and is supplied exclusively in sterile blisters.

Advice and support

Interested dentists are welcome to view an informative and spectacular short video about the MicroMega One RECI file system on the COLTENE YouTube channel at https://youtu.be/USlVhv736qE. For the optimal integration of the instruments into your own practice system and for any questions regarding the application in endodontics, the experts from the COLTENE sales team are always on hand to offer help and advice. For dentists who are interested in learning more about the latest trends and ideas from the dental world, COLTENE also offers a wide range of education courses, practical workshops and webinars.