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Profound insights - Descriptive endo-user video explains mechanical preparation

Using modern NiTi instruments, even endo-beginners can quickly achieve reliable results. Flexible file systems, such as the HyFlex EDM by Swiss dental specialists COLTENE are particularly impressive in terms of flexibility and fracture resistance. Based on their unique material properties, they are ideal for both endo-beginners and experts who look to convenient preparation with a reduced number of files. A short informative film by innovation leader COLTENE demonstrates how safe and effective the use of these rotating files is, and which options are available with the latest generation of NiTi files.

Visible benefits for beginners and experts

At this time, dentists interested in endodontics can study the ideal procedure for different canal anatomies online. In only eight minutes, endo-experts as well as beginners can view a crash course on optimal preparation on the product homepage. The video explains the advantages of a modular designed NiTi system. No matter whether the canal is straight or curved - a suitable combination of six special files is available for every application. In the second part, the renowned endo-expert, Dr. Antonis Chaniotis, demonstrates the sensible approach to the current working aids in an actual patient case. Step by step, he takes viewers through a typical ideal endo, from preparation to obturation. Furthermore, the procedures in the clinical part are visualized even more impressively with a 3D animation of the file in the root canal. The simultaneously presented 3D animation allows the viewer to follow the path of the file in canal preparation perfectly. All demonstrated techniques are easy to follow and can be applied quickly in everyday treatment routines.


Managing the apical third

The HyFlex EDM NiTi file was developed in close cooperation with leading scientists and dentists. "EDM" stands for the innovative manufacturing process called "Electrical Discharge Machining", in which spark erosion creates a unique hardened surface which improves cutting performance and makes the files particularly break-resistant and flexible. Examples of numerous practical tips and tricks show the clinician how these properties can be applied perfectly for mechanical preparation. The application-oriented endo-film answers classic questions like "What needs to be done when the working length is not achieved in the first step with a universal file?" or "Which sizes and tapers do I use in the apical third?" And last but not least, the dentist learns which sequence is suited best for which type of canal, based on a series of X-rays from the practice of US endodontist, Dr. Sam Alborz. In just eight minutes, the viewer is taken through the most important aspects of the supreme discipline in tooth preservation. In addition to the digital world, the COLTENE team of experts also supports endo specialists as well as beginners offline with a large selection of workshops, training materials and personal service offers.



COLTENE is a global leader in the development, manufacture and sale of consumables and small equipment for dental treatment applications. The foundation for Coltène AG was laid in 1963 in the fields of production and trade with products for dentistry and construction chemistry. Numerous mergers and reorganisation resulted in a focus on the dental market in the 70s, in particular in the field of impression materials and dental fillings. The takeover of the US company Whaledent, a specialist for parapulpal pins and posts, led to the formation of the Coltène/Whaledent company group in 1990 with intensified international alignment. Further company acquisitions supplemented the product range with a bias towards orthodontics, rotating instruments and a large number or dental consumables. Today, COLTENE operates production facilities in Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Brazil and the USA, as well as a worldwide sales network with its own representatives and distribution partners. Dentists and dental technicians worldwide rely on COLTENE products, both for conventional, as well as implant-based treatment and dental reconstruction. More information on COLTENE and our products is available on our website www.coltene.com.


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