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Removers leave a lasting impression - Single-file revision system for endodontic treatment proves convincing for dentists in practice test

Following the market launch of its new revision files last year, Swiss dental specialist COLTENE recently launched a test initiative among dentists and endodontic specialists, followed up by a survey on their experience with the Remover for HyFlex and MicroMega file systems. The initial verdict of users is conclusive: in particular, switching from various hand files to a revision with a single NiTi file provides significant benefits in dental practice.

The removal of insufficient, endodontic restorations has become a standard treatment in practices due to an increase in revision treatment. The new Removers employ the latest technologies such as asymmetrical design, electropolishing as well as thermal treatment to make treatment safe, easy and fast. A look at the responses from the clinicians shows that the benefits were clearly seen in practice: «The new Remover makes gutta-percha removal very easy and fast», «Perfect harmony between efficient removal and sensitive tactile feedback, «Respects complex root canal anatomies» and «Makes my 'endodontic life' more convenient» were among the dentists' comments. One endodontic expert concluded as follows: «A single instrument for removing old gutta-percha: the HyFlex Remover fulfills the dream of many dentists».

Fast, reliable, intuitive - participants in test confirm excellent efficacy and faster treatment

As part of a Europe-wide test initiative, dentists and group practices were given the opportunity of trying out the Remover extensively over the past few months. The initial survey results confirmed that more than 80 per cent of the participants regarded the file as demonstrating excellent or good efficiency at removing insufficient obturation material. Almost half of the responders were thus able to perform their work significantly faster than before. The Removers in size 30/.07 are optimally designed for the situation of a previously prepared canal and, due to their intricate shape, adapt to the natural contour of the canal to efficiently loosen the existing dental material. The file removes gutta-percha mechanically from the root canal, thereby eliminating the need for an additional solvent which may be toxic for the patient. At the same time, the surrounding tooth structure benefits from the intelligent file design: a non-cutting tip provides additional safety during preparation. Handling is extremely simple and intuitive, as was confirmed by more than 80 per cent of the responders. More than three quarters were instantly so convinced of the advantages that they would not wish to do without the new file in their practice in the future.

The Remover file is available in 19 and 23 mm. A large number of cases can be treated with 19 mm. The last millimetres can then be cleaned with the matching HyFlex EDM and CM or MicroMega 2Shape and One Curve files to give an optimum result. Here, the Remover file is fully integrated into these file systems, which are then also used to perform the subsequent finishing of the missing root canal cleaning.

Integration into the dental practice

COLTENE will again offer a series of training courses, practical workshops and webinars in 2021 on the optimal integration of the new files into own NiTi systems as well as on various application issues in endodontics. On www.coltene.com or one of the innovation leader's social media channels, interested dentists can currently find out about the latest trends and ideas from the dental world in the comfort of their own homes. This way, even endo beginners will be able to achieve competent and efficient preparation after only a short time.

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