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Safety at a glance - Clear colour-coding of the CanalPro irrigation solution system simplifies handling

There is little margin for error in hectic daily practice. This makes it essential to establish precisely defined workflows and standards in the practice on which the dentist and the assistants can rely on one hundred per cent. In endodontics, thorough irrigation and disinfection of root canals is the crucial basis for long-term successful root treatment. In time for the autumn trade fairs, Swiss dental specialist COLTENE offers an informative short film for the entire practice team, demonstrating the CanalPro irrigation solution system. The correct handling of the practical endo programme is explained step by step on the Internet homepage www.coltene.com as well as the YouTube channel "COLTENE Dental".

Unmistakably distinctive

The modular CanalPro irrigation solution system guarantees safe treatment workflows, even in stressful situations. The smart colour-coding of the syringes and irrigation solutions virtually preempts any mix-ups. The plunger of each single syringe is coloured in bright red, yellow or blue. This clearly allows assigning CanalPro syringes with a Luer lock connection to the corresponding solutions in the classical irrigation protocol, even in filled condition. The labels on the COLTENE endodontic irrigation solutions are marked correspondingly in red, yellow and blue. The three basic colours provide maximum contrast and add to safety. This makes assembling the endo tray even simpler in future. And this saves valuable time in daily routine.

Even changing teams can master handling the intuitive system quickly. A major benefit, particularly for endo starters who treat only occasional cases. The easy-to-remember sequence of red - yellow - blue, provides another useful memory aid, similar to traffic lights: during instrumentation the canal is first irrigated with the red marked sodium hypochlorite. According to the traditional irrigation protocol, the smear layer is removed with 17% EDTA solution, which is marked yellow in the CanalPro system. And finally, irrigation with 2% chlorhexidine is recommended. CHX from the bottle with the blue label effectively protects the exposed dentine tubules against reinfection. Consequent adherence to the red - yellow - blue sequence thus effectively prevents the known interactions of the simultaneous application of NaOCl and CHX.

The latex-free CanalPro syringes are available from the dental retail trade. The range covers the sizes 5 ml and 10 ml, as well as a neutral coloured variant of the syringe. All syringes are fitted with a standardised Luer lock connection.

Well thought-out endo programme

The CanalPro irrigation solution system also includes a practical irrigation solution station. Single-hand operation allows extremely material-saving dosage: the integrated Luer lock has been designed to slope towards the user. At the same time, the ergonomic design provides reliable protection against damage to textiles or, what's more, to the practice furnishings. The useful ROEKO paper points, Greater Taper 04 and 06, also follow this unmistakable colour scheme. As a result, the well thought-out endo equipment made by COLTENE guarantees a competent treatment workflow for the entire practice team.


COLTENE is a global leader in the development, manufacture and sale of consumables and small equipment for dental treatment applications. The foundation for Coltène AG was laid in 1963 in the fields of production and trade with products for dentistry and construction chemistry. Numerous mergers and reorganisation resulted in a focus on the dental market in the 70s, in particular in the field of impression materials and dental fillings. The takeover of the US company Whaledent, a specialist for parapulpal pins and posts, led to the formation of the Coltène/Whaledent company group in 1990 with intensified international alignment. Further company acquisitions supplemented the product range with a bias towards orthodontics, rotating instruments and a large number or dental consumables. Today, COLTENE operates production facilities in Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Brazil and the USA, as well as a worldwide sales network with its own representatives and distribution partners. Dentists and dental technicians worldwide rely on COLTENE products, both for conventional, as well as implant-based treatment and dental reconstruction. More information on COLTENE and our products is available on our website www.coltene.com.

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