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Size is everything - NiTi system HyFlex EDM extended with new glide path file

Modular nickel-titanium systems enable the endo-expert to work flexibly in a variety of indications. Meanwhile, most patient cases can be prepared efficiently and reliably with a reduced file sequence. For slightly more curved canals, the dentist can now use a special glide path file in addition to the classic file sequence.

Additional glide path file for strongly curved canals

The internationally leading dental specialist COLTENE once again complements its versatile HyFlex NiTi range with a further useful component: a new HyFlex EDM glide path file is now available in the range for the preparation of strongly curved and very narrow canals. The HyFlex EDM GPF 15/.03 is a flexible glide path file that ensures optimum shaping of the access cavity. Even S-shaped canals can be prepared safely and competently with the additional instrument. As accustomed, the dentist subsequently enlarges with the glide path file size 10/.05 and the HyFlex EDM preparation file 20/.05. The recommended sequence for very narrow canals thus remains clearly structured and well manageable for the entire practice team. Depending on the initial situation and personal preferences, the 25/.12 orifice opener can be used beforehand as an option.

The good cutting performance and break resistance of the flexible nickel-titanium files is due to a special manufacturing process referred to as "Electrical Discharge Machining“ (EDM for short). The robust high-performance instruments are predestined for endo beginners and dentists who wish to produce reliable results quickly with a reduced number of files.

Expanded file sequence for maximum flexibility

The novel HyFlex EDM GPF 15/.03 fits harmoniously into the existing portfolio of HyFlex files from COLTENE. One of the special features of the NiTi file series is the specially developed "CM" treatment: due to the "Controlled Memory" process, the files can be pre-bent similar to classic stainless steel files and demonstrate almost no recovery effect. This allows them to move optimally in the centre of the canal, to prepare all canal walls evenly and thus significantly improve preparation efficiency. In addition, the risk of a false canal is also minimised.

With the HyFlex EDM Shaping Set Max Curve, the complete sequence of special files for strongly curved canals will also be available as a practical box from dental retailers from the 2nd quarter of 2019. Due to its high flexibility, the file configuration is suitable for preparatory work in limited spaces as well as for instrument use in normal to extremely curved canals.

Incidentally, the COLTENE Group's merger with the French endo expert MicroMega in autumn 2018 will also expand its portfolio of clever endo solutions ranging from preparation to obturation in the long term.