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Students Report: clinical traineeship Peru 2019

COLTENE frequently donates dental materials for charity projects. In this case, 3 students share their experiences in Peru with us - thank you!


"After completing our dental studies, the clinical traineeship in Peru was a welcome change to our daily learning routine. Beforehand we organized various donation materials for our project, the Centro Yanachaga of the Peru-Aktion e.V., and were generously supported by several dental companies.

The project offers 35 boys and 25 girls aged between 11-19 the opportunity to live there in residential groups, attend school, and gain practical skills in various professions. For some years now, dentists from Germany have been coming at regular intervals (1-2 times a year) to provide dental care for the children and young people.

During the four weeks, our focus was mainly on treating the students and employees of the center in the afternoon, after school. In the mornings, however, the inhabitants of the village had the opportunity to receive dental care.

Whenever possible, the focus of our work was on placing fillings, carrying out extractions and prophylactic measures.

During our clinical traineeship in Peru we were not only able to gain dental experience but also a lot of cultural experiences. We are happy to have been part of this project and want to thank all our supporters.

Kerstin Schlögl, Hanna Reiter und Theresa Armbruster"