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The Jeni endomotor goes on tour - COLTENE travels through Germany with its new workshop programme

If you are thinking about buying a new car, you usually try out the object of your desire first, with a test drive. It's very much the same story when it comes to the fully automatic Jeni endomotor from COLTENE, the international dental specialist: dentists can conveniently test drive the assistance system at a location near them – from a short trip around the block all the way to a day-long road test.

Trip around the block or road test?
The new CanalPro Jeni endomotor takes to the road in spring: Because the corona restrictions still pose major challenges for dental practices, COLTENE is offering a new format for further education and training. In spring, the innovation leader in Germany starts its major “city tour”. At a number of locations across the country, dentists will have the opportunity to test drive the Jeni endomotor at a time and place of that suits them. In addition to the 15 original dates, the Company has already announced others. After starting in Germany, the tour will be extended to Europe in the autumn.

The choice is between a short test drive of the assistance system as part of a two and half hour introduction, or an extended road test, i.e. a full-day seminar. Both workshops are led by renowned and experienced endo specialists and the COLTENE team of experts and address the special features of the intelligent endomotor. While mechanical reprocessing is now an established standard in endodontic practices, the CanalPro Jeni works differently to current file movement options known to date and navigates independently through the treatment. Here there are a number of popular sequences to chose from for the flexible NiTi files. The user works forwards continuously from coronal to apical, applying only slight pressure, while the motor decides on the progress of movement. Based on complex algorithms, the software can control the variable file movements at millisecond intervals by constantly regulating rotational movement, speed, torque and file stress. This makes the treatment even safer and therefore more comfortable.

Endo innovations live
The course starts with an introduction to the new Jeni reprocessing system with HyFlex CM and EDM NiTi files. This is followed by some theory and then a practical session, including numerous hand-on excercises on a practice block and tooth. This way, even endo beginners soon become competent and efficient at reprocessing with the Jeni. Dentists will also receive all relevant information for billing endodontic treatments correctly, profitably and in accordance with legal requirements. To see what dates are currently available: Events & Education | COLTENE Group. Previous webinars on the CanalPro Jeni and the HyFlex and MicroMega file systems can be accessed at any time from the COLTENE webinar archive: COLTENE Mediathek | GoToStage.com.

An informative explanatory video on the COLTENE YouTube channel provides an introductory insight into the endomotor functionality: https://youtu.be/Qw3uc3hSTkg. In addition, the COLTENE team of experts is available at all times to advise and support dentists, dental technicians and practice staff. Call 07345-805-670, e-mail (info.de@coltene.com) or go to one of the social media channels, where you will find questions and answers about specific use or support for optimal application and combination of dental materials and tools.

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