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Co-Pilot Upgrade: COLTENE extends options for fully automated endo motor

Congestion reports in real time or information about new road layouts - regular updates of your navigation system save you and go easy on your nerves when driving a car. With a range of new options, the latest endo motors extend their capabilities for fully automated navigation through the root canal. As a result, these clever assistance systems offer even more flexibility during treatment.

Extended file sequence

With the latest update, the international dental specialist COLTENE extends the options of the fully automated CanalPro Jeni endo motor. The motor automatically finds its path through the root canal, working in unison with the mechanical and chemical preparation every step of the way. Here, the user can choose from a number of popular sequences for the flexible nickel-titanium files. The highlight of the latest update is the addition of Remover files, which make a significant difference to an endodontic revision treatment. The novel 30/.07  HyFlex and MicroMega Remover files fit perfectly to the established file systems and quickly and reliably remove inadequate gutta-percha fillings as well as similar ageing endodontic restorations. Due to their intricate shape, they adapt to the natural contour of the canal and efficiently loosen the existing obturation material. In addition, the reaction time of the motor and the touchscreen has been further reduced. Graphic optimisation and enhanced system performance make the Jeni even more attractive. The result of these improvements is that the treatment becomes even safer and, at the same time, more comfortable.

Exclusive service page

Innovation leader COLTENE has developed a special service page for dental practices, which provides regular access to the latest updates and information. Dentists can simply register with the serial number of their CanalProTM Jeni at https://canalpro.coltene.com/register-jeni/.

With these new options and improvements, this clever navigation aid makes it easier than ever to get started in endodontics. The user works forwards continuously from coronal to apical, applying only slight pressure, while the motor decides independently on the progress of movement. Employing  complex algorithms, the software can control the variable file movements at millisecond intervals by constantly regulating rotational movement, speed, torque and file stress.

Descriptive short video

The mode of operation of the endo motor is demonstrated in detail in a new short video. The informative, explanatory video is now available to view at https://youtu.be/Qw3uc3hSTkg on the COLTENE YouTube channel. At https://canalpro.coltene.com/jeni/ you can find more information about the CanalPro Jeni and register for your personal demonstration appointment.