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Everything points to quality: COLTENE's high-tech processes ensure lasting product quality

Reliable material properties are decisive for the long-term success of endodontic treatment. With its complex, high-tech production processes, dental specialist COLTENE purposely sets new quality standards in the manufacture of dental medical aids. Specially developed processes and countless control measures contribute effectively to ensuring that the products from Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, meet the highest requirements in practice. 

Well tempered and all exactly measured

Nothing should be left to chance when manufacturing long-term reliable dental materials. For example, the processing of temperature-sensitive raw materials such as gutta-percha under constant conditions ensures that the points do not become brittle and porous later on. Compliance with exact working lengths and dimensions is also not a matter of course for the various points currently available on the market. Instead of the comparatively inaccurate manual control of random samples, COLTENE therefore consistently measures every single gutta-percha point fully automatically. This results in safe products that meet the highest quality standards.  

ROEKO gutta-percha points are used in combination with the appropriate sealer for the obturation of root canals. The well designed points are available from the specialist dental trade in various ISO sizes and conicities. The dentist can choose between 3 different colour variants according to his/her needs. The points are available either in plain pink without marking or with ISO colour marking on the upper part or as fully colour-coded points for better size identification. In order to cover the entire range of different condensation techniques, the points are also available in conventional sizes. The user-friendly sliding boxes developed by COLTENE ensure easy opening with one hand to remove the points and, owing to the colour coding, mix-ups are virtually excluded - a true work simplification for the entire practice team. Due to their special design, the points can also be inserted easily into the canal: despite their high stability, they even adapt flexibly to marked curves without breaking. ROEKO gutta-percha tips are an optimal solution for endo beginners and experts alike due to the high hygiene standards during production. 

Meticulous attention and service

True to the company's motto "Upgrade Dentistry", the innovation leader COLTENE has set itself the task of manufacturing high-performance and long-term reliable aids for the dentist using the most modern production methods. The COLTENE service team is always available by telephone on +49 (0)7345 805-670 if you have any questions about the special nature of the products or specific application options.